Professional Biography:
Dani Grigu is a Romanian DJ recognized for his distinctive style in dance music, house music, deep house, and new club music mixes. With an active and dynamic career, Dani has captivated audiences with his energetic and innovative weekly sets.

Career and Contributions:
Dani Grigu has built a solid presence in the club and party mixed music industry, known for his weekly mixes and club sets shared on streaming platforms. Among these is the weekly series “Only Good Vibes,” which has become popular among electronic and dance music enthusiasts, and the annual “Best Of” series featuring over 80 tracks with the best songs of the year.

Online Activity:
Dani is active on various streaming platforms, including Mixcloud, Soundcloud, YouTube, where he frequently publishes his mixes and music podcasts. These include remixes of famous songs and collaborations with other artists and DJs in the industry.

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Discography and Events:
Over time, Dani Grigu has worked on numerous projects in collaboration with other well-known DJs, producers, and artists from Romania, demonstrating his versatility and talent. His mixes include reinterpretations of international hits, often featured in his live sets and on streaming platforms. He has also been involved in several radio projects, contributing to the largest radio project of his career named Radio Stil Romania, where he worked as a DJ, voice over, and playlist coordinator together with DJ Coco.

Impact and Recognition:
Through his creative approach and passion for music, Dani Grigu has managed to establish a respected name in the world of DJs and music producers. His constant activity and dedication to perfecting his art make him a name to watch in the Romanian and international music industry.

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