1. Serge Legran – Agoreuo (Extended)
2. Aldebaran – Hraach, Armen Miran (0riginal mix)
3. Rimbu (CH) x Gana Congas – Anka (0riginal mix)
4. Yonathan x Dowle – Dhammaya (0riginal mix)
5. Ben Beckman – Elai (0riginal mix)
6. Be Svendsen – Getula (0riginal mix)
7. Ben Beckman – Osiris (0riginal mix)
8. Narcisse (Mex) – Man O To (0riginal mix)
9. Lev Tatarov – At Night (0riginal mix)
10. Lev Tatarov – Athena’s Dream (Guy Maayan remix)

Written By

Dani Grigu

Hello party people, my name is Dani Grigu and I want to thank you everyone to those who listen to my mixes every time, I try to bring the best for you, mixes to remember and to listen with pleasure. 😊