2. Lidia Buble x Fly Project – Oh La La (Adrian Funk X OLiX remix) (Extended)
3. DJ Criswell x Aziza Qobilova – Tamally Maak x Calling U (Remix)
4. Arty Violin Feat. Sellena – Russian Woman (Extended)
5. The Urs – Taramul Interzis – (John Junior, Ralmm, Modoi remix)
6. Petty Pravo – La Bambola (Dj Dark remix) (Extended)
7. Andrew Dum x Nick Casciaro – Hoping (Extended)
8. Sigrid – Everybody Knows (Robert Georgescu x White remix) (Extended)
9. Mentol x Lahela – I Need A Miracle (Extended)
10. Enya – Boadicea (ONUC, Robert Georgescu x White remix) (Extended)
11. Gheorghe Zamfir x Dave Andres – The Lonely Shepherd (Extended)
12. Los Canos x Claudio Cristo x Yves LaTroa – Pensa En Ti (Extended)
13. MD Dj – Desert Rose (Extended)
14. Ashlee – Alone With You (Creative Ades remix) (Extended)