1. Sandra N – Pe Cararea Muntilor (Extended)
2. The Motans x EMAA – La Ce Te Gandesti (Adrian Funk x Mike Kross remix) (Extended)
3. Dj Dark x D.E.P. – Mi Ex Tenía Razón (Extended)
4. Tennebreck x D.E.P. – Body Count (Cover) (Extended)
5. Victor Biliac x Danny The Menace – Are You (Extended)
6. Disco Biscuit x Mentol – Celine (Extended)
7. Sam Smith – Lose You (Robert Georgescu x White remix) (Extended)
8. Satra B.E.N.Z – Prietena Ta (André Rizo remix) (Extended)
9. Dave Winnel, Jenn Morel – Alegria x Ponteme (Cristian T x Gigi Stroppa mashup)
10. Block x Crown – Trapped On The Beat (Original mix)
11. Calvin Harris x Sam Smith – Desire (LLP remix) (Extended)
12. Spice Girls – Wannabe (NOME. remix)
14. Andrei G – Ping Pong (Felea Emanuel remix) (Extended)
15. Victor Thompson – THIS YEAR (Felea Emanuel remix) (Extended)
16. Dj Sava, Claudio Cristo x J. Yolo – Africa (Extended mix)