1. Pascal Junior x Vali Barbulescu – Addicted (Extended)
2. Enur Feat. Natasja – Calabria (Dor Halevi remix)
3. Eminem – Just Lose It (Dor Halevi x CHAAP VIP edit)
4. Madonna – Hung Up (Mike x Me x Pessto edit)
5. Los Del Río – Macarena (Proppa Treatment)
6. Manuel Riva – Sacred Touch (Feat. Misha Miller) (Dave Andres remix)
7. Don Omar x Lil Jon – LET’S GET C*AZY! (DJ Criswell remix)
8. Zeu x Still Dre (John Junior House edit)

Written By

Dani Grigu

Mixes to remember and to listen with pleasure.