1. Efemero – Don’t let me go
2. Massy Feat. Efemero – Feel me
3. Efemero – SuzaNaNa
4. Efemero – Dubai
5. Efemero – Amor Amor
6. Efemero x Dj Goja – Leyla
7. Efemero – Maria
8. Efemero – Amelia
9. Efemero x Massy – Summer Rain
10. Efemero – Voices
11. Efemero – Dracula party
12. Efemero – Le Le
13. John Neo x Efemero – Liar Liar
14. Efemero – Insomnia
15. Efemero – Friday lights

Written By

Dani Grigu

My name is Dani Grigu, and I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been tuning in to my mixes.I bring a fusion of my diverse musical background to create mixes that are sure to leave a lasting impression.With a wealth of experience in the music industry and an extensive playlist of club music, I strive to curate sets that will elevate your listening experience and keep you grooving all night long.Join me on this musical journey and let's create unforgettable moments together!